18. February 2018

Fucking hell! Can you believe it?! Four big ass thunderstorm asshole cracking noise cacophony of this century are coming to help ya out when you're not sure how to spend your life raping your earholes!

IT'S 3! AxBxNx - Ein Glas Abdulla Kühl
IT'S 4! AxBxNx split with GxSxOxGxPx
IT'S 5! 7-way shitfest (GxSxOxGxPx, Gory, K7A, TxTxSxWxTxGxOxTxGx, AxBxNx, Neojazz Shitfest & SxSxTxNx)
IT'S 6! AxBxNx split with Handicap Handjob

Go to page LABEL RELEASES for downloads and informations about how many physical copies will be made! They can also be listened to on my youtube channel! Check it out!

19. July 2017

New release: Chaoten WG - "Chaoten Beats" -- go to "NEW RELEASES"

25. June 2017

New release (well, downloadable): AxBxNx split with enterfant -- go to "NEW RELEASES"

21. March 2016

Finally a new AxBxNx release, but it's a split release with another noise artist - Gregaress

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/dcppmejwmnabkc1/AxBxNx+split+with+Gregaress.zip